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Automated Factory Uptime


What others say about Amemco's Methods, Seminars and Consulting Services:

"...really oriented us to a most practical, cost effective maintenance engineering program. We have reduced electrical tickets or work orders by 70% on all applicable CNC, automated machines and systems". - Clair Bentezl, NC Technician, Caterpillar, Inc. 

"I used Amemco at two previous companies with great success so naturally called them to help improve maintenance reliability here at Colt Industries. Circuit board failures for 30 NC and CNC systems has dropped from three or four per month to three or four per year, a 92% reduction". - Howard Olson, Manager Manufacturing Engineering, Colt Industries 

"Having worked directly with Mr. Cooper of Amemco at John Deere Co., I knew he would help our situation here at TRANE.  Amemco surveyed our 100 NC and CNC machines and issued their written report. As a test, we installed all stress elimination systems on our 15 worst-case computer controls. The results were so impressive, we budgeted for and installed your recommendations on the other 85 during the next year. We now "harden" each new machine we get. With JIT (and lean manufacturing)  your hardening methods are a must."     - Charley Bakey, Maintenance Engineer, The TRANE Company, Wisconsin commercial air conditioning manufacturer 

"By following your program we have cut equipment downtime, malfunctions and electronic failures to near zero. Thanks, we will expand application of these most cost effective concepts". - Dick Kohli, Maintenance Manager, Minster Machine Tool 

"With a new building and all new CNC machines, we were plagued over the first 15 months with unscheduled maintenance downtime of 40%, and machine utilization of 50%. This changed dramatically after implementing your program for eliminating stresses. Unscheduled maintenance downtime dropped to 6 - 8% and has remained there for over a year. Machine utilization jumped above 90%, continuously. - West Code, Inc., a Pennsylvania train valve manufacturer 

"Benefits of eliminating lightning storm stresses have been cost effective, very dependable, and extremely important. Our electronic downtime and board failure has been reduced near 100%. Overall equipment downtime has been reduced near 100%. This has yielded an estimated annual savings of undetermined amounts. However, these savings do go well into the millions of dollars." - Joseph Dempsey, Plant Engineering Mgr., Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 

"We selected Amemco because most of the lightning rod companies and surge suppressor companies we called, concerning our problems, referred us "to Howard Cooper of Amemco for proper and effective protection system design for our varied industrial controls and electronic systems.  Now, two years later, I made a survey (after another direct lightning strike) of all the equipment that previously has been affected by lightning and all equipment is still operational and showing no signs of damage. I even went up to the fingerboard on the derrick and checked solenoids, and you know how much I enjoy climbing the derrick.  All of the fingerboards & solenoids are in good working order.  We previously had suppressors on our power panels but, the addition of TVSS modules, the new derrick grounding design and the new electronic systems ground bonding laid out by Amemco has paid off!. We've had many storms and several direct hits this past year with no problems, but if past performance means anything we would now be “down” and wrestling with repairs, considering the points of impact of this “direct hit” lightning bolt."  --Roger Sanford (Electrical Tech) Helmerich & Payne IDC, on the Exxon-Mobil Jade Platform, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa  

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"As a lead technician, I installed Amemco's recommendations in my area. The result was so dramatic that I was promoted to maintenance supervisor over the worst of  four areas within Signetics' Orem, UT plant.  So I implemented the same methods in my area. Our downtime not only dropped, our yield and throughput went up. So, I was promoted to Maintenance Manager over all four areas. The first thing I did was call Amemco. Implementation, again, has proven dramatic with 3-4 month ROI for all four areas; Masking, Diffusion, Test, and IC Assembly. Thanks for the career." - Marvin Applone (Maint. Mgr.) Signetics Semiconductor Co. 

Companies Benefiting from Amemco Consultation (partial list)

  • American Express 
  • B.F. Goodrich 
  • Borg-Warner 
  • Caterpillar 
  • Chubb Insurance Data Center 
  • Colt Industries 
  • Cummins Engine 
  • Eclipse
  • EFI Electronics 
  • Exxon Mobil 
  • Fisher Controls 
  • FMC 
  • G.E. 
  • HCA Hospitals 
  • Helmerich & Payne IDC 
  • Hercules Aerospace
  • Honda Corp of America
  • Hughes-Baker/EIMCO 
  • Intel 
  • NTN Bower
  • National Semiconductor 
  • Pratt & Whitney Aircraft 
  • Rexnord 
  • Rockwell International
  • Square D Electric
  • S.W. Bell 
  • Texas Instruments 
  • The Trane Company 
  • West Code
  • Williams International 
  • Amemco looks forward to being a valued asset to your maintenance reliability uptime, productivity & reliability efforts.

    We provide an in-house equipment reliability audit with analysis survey and report, an in-house orientation seminar,  along with guidance throughout your 30 day journey to minimize equipment maintenance downtime and maximize equipment maintenance reliability, repeatability, uptime availability, yield and increased profits.

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