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Automated Factory Uptime

How to Permanently Eliminate 70% - 92% of Your Unscheduled Equipment Downtime - within 30-60 Days!

Give your company the near 100% equipment uptime and reliability It demands while cutting your maintenance expense by 50% or more. . .

Protect from the real causes of equipment downtime--not just their symptoms.

Maintenance Reliability Achieved

Go FISHing (Functional Interface Stress Hardening). Finally, a program for protecting automation, electronic and computer-controlled equipment from the real cause of malfunctions, failures, and downtime--chronic stress. Learn why circuit board failures, hydraulic system failures and other malfunctions are only symptoms, not the underlying cause of unscheduled equipment downtime. 

Unlike "preventive maintenance" programs which focus primarily on periodic replacement, monitoring, measuring, and reporting of equipment failures, this unique program focuses instead on total elimination of the basic stresses which cause malfunctions and unscheduled downtime

Discover dramatic reductions in downtime and costs--without capital requests. 

Most companies who have "been FISHing with Amemco" find maintenance cost savings alone pay for their entire program, thus eliminating their need for capital requests. Your typical payback period for their investment in FISH averages 3 to 6 months!  No other investment your company can make this year will offer a greater return. Companies who have implemented this program are experiencing average reductions of 70% - 92% in computer, automation controls and hydraulic equipment malfunctions and unscheduled downtime--within 30 days. For example:

Experience our better-than-risk-free guarantee. 

You pay nothing up front. And there is never a charge until you are totally satisfied this program has met your expectations. You alone decide. Should you have any future electronic failures, caused by failure of our protection devices, your repair costs will be paid by manufacturer warranties up to $25,000.00. 

7 Ways You Benefit Immediately From This Program 

Your frustration with unscheduled downtime and daily malfunction crises are effectively eliminated. With "Lean Maintenance" equipment hardening, scheduled maintenance can be performed when it's scheduled, not when you hope to fit it in. You will prevent "fires" thus avoid "fire fighting". 

You experience freedom from worry about downtime, malfunctions, rework and "scrap parts" costs caused by:

  1. Lightning storms striking your area. No more data errors, system lock-ups, or component failure. 
  2. Summer-heat waves and other electronic cabinet over-temperature problems. 
  3. Voltage transients & spikes, current surges and other transient activity. Remember, over 65% of these transients are generated by your own plant operations! 
  4. Oxidation on aging cable and circuit board connectors.
  5. Hydraulic contamination; water, contamination, acids, varnishes, etc.. 
  6. The crippling effects of power outage. Expensive UPS backup systems can almost never be cost justified when compared with this program. 
  7. Lack of monitoring & reporting of critical components, functions and processes. We can alert you at work, at home, or on the golf course when critical components or processes are about to fail. 

You can typically see;

92% reduction on what you now consider "normal" electronics systems malfunctions, failures and downtime, within 30 days,

80% reduction on hydraulic systems, and

50% reduction of mechanical downtime! 

Your spare parts inventory is dramatically reduced. With 92% reduction in unscheduled equipment downtime, most spare parts simply are no longer needed. Hardened equipment simply keeps on running.  

You greatly enhance and extend the useful life of your existing equipment, often by as much as 10 to 15 years. This lets you support significantly higher levels of production without buying newer equipment. The avoided costs of downtime moves straight to your profit line -- plus. 

How this Program Works 

This Lean Maintenance and equipment hardening program enables you to avoid stress from power surges, lightning storm induced transients, and equipment related interactive voltage bumps. You will also harden against stresses of heat, vibration, oxidation, dirt build-up, hydraulic contamination, etc.. Minimize failing components, functions and processes. 

Everything is done at your plant site. Neither you nor your people waste valuable time away from your facility. Basically, our program consists of two key parts

  1. First, we survey your automated equipment, telecom and computer-controlled equipment, and if present, hydraulic systems. This enables us to recommend precise techniques necessary to protect each piece of equipment from the basic stresses causing virtually all malfunctions, failures, and unscheduled downtime.


    • We identify and analyze critical pieces of equipment in your plant or facility, plus other equipment identified by those attending our in-plant seminar. 


    • 26 years of experience working directly on plant manufacturing floors, in hospitals in data centers and in semiconductor plants, solving problems just like yours, enable us to quickly identify and recommend the best  techniques for your equipment, to eliminate the above stresses and problems--permanently! 


    • Within 2 weeks after the survey, you receive, by Express Mail, a detailed 10 to 30 page machine by machine or system by system corrective action report recommending exactly which protection techniques to use, and precisely how to install any recommended devices to eliminate stress from causing malfunctions. 


    • Our corrective action report identifies exact protection methods,  devices and precise connection points, right down to specific position and connection terminal strip and screw numbers. 


    • You are free to purchase recommended protection devices from any source you choose. We identify the exact manufacturer, model number and cost for each recommendation in our report. Since we are independent consultants, devices and techniques we recommend do change and will continue changing, reflecting improvements and refinements from our ongoing research and field experience. We also provide discount prices on most protective devices, to further reduce your investment for needed protection. 


  2. Second, we want you to clearly understand the causes of equipment failure, the rationale behind our techniques, and the methods you can use to implement these techniques yourself. So we conduct a 3-hour orientation explaining this to all your key people--again, right in your plant. This usually takes the first 3 hours of the first day.

Comments and Testimonials - from Major U.S. Companies

"...really oriented us to a most practical, cost effective maintenance engineering program. We have reduced electrical tickets or work orders by 70% on all applicable automated machines and systems".
  -- Clair Bentezl (NC Technician), Caterpillar, Inc. 

"Circuit board failures for 30 NC and CNC systems has dropped from three or four per month to three or four per year, a 92% reduction". 
   -- Howard Olsen (Manager Manufacturing Engineering)  Colt Industries 

"Having worked directly with Mr. Cooper at John Deere Co., I knew he would help our situation here at TRANE.  He surveyed our 100 NC and CNC machines, analyzed stresses and wrote a report show how to harden each machine to get maximum  uptime. As a test, we installed his recommendations on our 15 worst-case computer controls. The results were so impressive, we hardened our other 85 machines the next year. We now "harden" each new machine we get. With JIT (and lean manufacturing)  your hardening methods are a must."
  -- Charley Bakey (Maint. Engr.), The TRANE Company,
      Wisconsin commercial air conditioning manufacturer 

"By following your program we have cut equipment malfunctions and downtime to near zero. Thanks, we will expand application of these most cost effective concepts". 
   -- Dick Kohli (Maintenance Manager), Minster Machine Tool 

"With a new building and all new CNC machines, we were plagued over the first 15 months with "normal maintenance" downtime of 40%, and machine utilization of 50%. This changed dramatically after implementing your program for eliminating stresses. "Normal maintenance" downtime dropped to 6 - 8% and has remained there for over a year. Machine utilization jumped above 90%, continuously.
   -- West Code, Inc., a Pennsylvania train valve manufacturer 

"Benefits of eliminating these stresses have been cost effective, very dependable, and extremely important. Our electronic downtime and board failure has been reduced by 100%. Overall equipment downtime has been reduced by 100%. This has yielded an estimated annual savings of undetermined amounts. However, these savings do go well into the millions of dollars." 
  -- Joseph Dempsey (Plant Engineering Mgr.),  Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 

"I did a survey (after another direct lightning strike) of all the equipment that previously has been affected by lightning and all equipment is still operational and showing no signs of damage. I even went up to the fingerboard on the oil derrick and checked solenoids.  You know how much I enjoy climbing the derrick. All of the fingerboards & solenoids are in good working order.  We previously had suppressors on our power panels but, replacing them with filtering suppressors, the addition of TVSS modules on controls, with your new derrick grounding design and the new  systems ground bonding laid out by Amemco, we see pay  off! . . . If past performance means anything we would now be “down” and wrestling with repairs, considering the points of impact of this “direct hit” lightning bolt."   --Roger Sanford (Electrical Tech), Helmerich & Payne IDC, on the      ExxonMobil, Jade Platform, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa

Partial List of Major U.S. Companies Benefiting from Amemco's Help 

  • American Express 
  • B.F. Goodrich 
  • Borg-Warner 
  • Caterpillar Inc. 
  • Chubb Insurance Data Center 
  • Colt Industries 
  • Cummins Engine 
  • Eclipse 
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Fisher Controls
  • FMC 
  • General Dynamics
  • General Electric
  • H.C.A. Hospitals 
  • Honda
  • Hercules Aerospace Co.
  • Helmerich & Payne IDC  
  • Hughes-Baker/EIMCO 
  • Intel  
  • National Semiconductor 
  • NTN Bower
  • Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
  • Rexnord 
  • Rockwell International 
  • S.W. Bell   
  • The Trane Company 
  • Texas Instruments
  • West Code  
  • Our Unique, Risk-Free Guarantee

    1. First: After visiting your plant, performing the survey of your equipment and conducting the in-plant seminar, then writing your survey follow-up report explaining exactly how to protect each piece of equipment, and mailing this report to you, we then call you to insure we have met your expectations: 
      • If everything you received has met or, more likely, exceeded your expectations, we then bill you for our services at the amount we both agreed on, prior to our visit. No surprises. 
      • If you feel something has not met your expectations, we'll continue to work with you until you are completely and totally satisfied with the results. Only then do we bill your account. 
      • Finally, if after all this effort you still feel our service did not meet our promise, the survey and seminar will cost you absolutely nothing. We want you to be completely satisfied - period. 
    2. Second: Even better than our first guarantee: 
      • Your company must save at least 3-5 times your in-plant survey and seminar investment within the first year of implementing our suggestions or we give this investment back--no questions asked! 
      • In addition you will place most of your equipment under warranty that will pay you up to $25,000.00 should our protective devices fail in protecting your electronic equipment. 
    3. Third: The total investment for actual recommended protection devices cannot be determined until after we survey your equipment. However, once you do make this protection investment, we offer one further guarantee: 
      • When you purchase protection devices from us (which saves you money and allows us to monitor exactly which techniques you implement, and to provide ongoing application and technical support) and if these devices do not fully meet your needs, we will buy the devices back from you! 
    4. Regardless, all the following are yours to keep:
      • Your entire 10 to 30 page equipment survey report with all it's recommendations, suggestions, and ideas.
      • All technical information on stress reduction distributed at the seminar.
      • Our complete maintenance engineering binder packed with invaluable reference information, published articles covering all aspects of equipment stress reduction techniques, and much more.
      • And, of course, all knowledge you gained from participating in this program. 

    Questions and Concerns You May Have About the Program 

    Q: How do I know this program will really work for me? 

    Answer: This program is definitely not for every company. It can help your company if: Your maintenance department is proactive, constantly looking for ways to eliminate unscheduled equipment downtime not just continually fixing it! Your stated goal is to provide greater than 95% equipment uptime. You have at least $4,000,000 invested in computer-controlled machines or systems. However, we solve many smaller operation and individual equipment problems right over the phone. Your facility is more than 10 years old. But note: we'll show you actual cases where this program has provided absolutely brand new, but under protected equipment, with the same dramatic reductions in unscheduled equipment downtime (see two "new facility cases," Intel and Warner-Ishi on page 1). 

    Q: This looks interesting but we've already done a lot of these things. 

    Answer: The techniques used to implement these concepts are critically important! While some companies have implemented a few similar concepts, what we invariably find is that their methods often can be enhanced, offering dramatically improved results. We have not found a single company which has implemented the entire range of techniques we employee, which are so critical to making this program work. One more thing is important. Your company could not possibly experiment with as many different techniques under as many different environments as we have over the past 18 years. Working with thousands of different systems has enabled us to determine precisely how to best accomplish maximum equipment protection and uptime for the least cost and effort, guaranteeing you performance and the greatest possible benefit. 

    Q: I'll bet this program is really expensive? And we're in a tight budget crunch right now. 

    Answer: This program is the least expensive yet the most cost effective way to attack your unscheduled downtime. As one Mid-west machine tool manufacturer recently said, "My machine downtime averages $100 per hour per machine. Savings paid for this entire program in our first month alone! Since then, it's been pure profit!" 

    Q: Is this just another maintenance program? 

    Answer: No. Unlike preventive and predictive maintenance programs or third-party maintenance contracts, this unique approach focuses on total elimination of stresses causing unscheduled downtime. This one-time program, often implemented within 30 days, requires no ongoing expenditure by you. Yet its benefits continue for the extended life of your equipment. 

    Q: Capital expense requests are a real pain, and often not worth the hassle. 

    Answer: Maintenance cost reductions alone normally pay for complete installation of recommended protection, totally eliminating your time-consuming capital appropriations hassles. Remember these are one-time cost, one step procedures to permanently avoid future costly problems. 

    Q: Our maintenance department is understaffed and too busy to implement any new programs.

    Answer: By focusing on permanent elimination of root causes of equipment downtime, this program offers you the only effective way to end your reactive approach to daily problems. It assures consistent performance even with minimal staff and keeps you on track, allowing you to remain proactive. Otherwise, you'll never have enough time. 

    Our Credentials and Background 

    Mr. Howard Cooper, President and Directing Engineer of Amemco, spent over 10 years providing electronic mechanical and hydraulic maintenance engineering services employed by Signetics, Baker/Eimco, and John Deere Company, working directly on their manufacturing floors solving problems just like yours.

    Experience Brings Improved Uptime

     In his final year with John Deere, Mr. Cooper discovered the key to dramatically reducing unscheduled equipment downtime. His 1979 maintenance reliability program generated average downtime reductions of 50%. 

    During the next 4 years, till 1983, continuous improvements and enhancements to his techniques resulted in his reducing downtime for Baker/Eimco by 75%. 

    Now, for the past 21 years, Mr. Cooper has consulted directly with top  companies across America, (see page 4) and helps them eliminate 85% - 92% of their downtime. 

    Mr. Cooper is widely published. He has written and presented several technical national conference reports, submitted six patent applications over the past 15 years, and published more than 25 articles for engineering and technical magazines including: 

    Call Amemco at 866-833-1562 for copies of any of these results-oriented articles. A select set of these articles is included at no charge as part of this program. 

    How To Begin - eliminating 70% - 92% of Your Unscheduled Equipment Downtime 

    Call Howard today at 801-859-2073. Together you will evaluate your individual situation, problems and the potential at your facility.  Mr. Cooper's 26 years of experience will help lay out a customized strategy for maximizing your equipment uptime, reliability and productivity--all right over the phone, no charge. 

    Next, you may schedule a time for Mr. Cooper to visit your plant. He will quote an exact amount for this in-plant equipment survey and seminar (based on your equipment types and numbers). 

    Remember you invest nothing at this time. You are billed only after all your expectations are met to your satisfaction, as fully described in our Unique, Risk-free Guarantee described, above. Call today for maximum uptime and profits tomorrow!

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