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Lightning Protection - "FISHing against the sky" (power surge protection)

' Summer lightning storms struck, again?  You suffered damage and electronic systems downtime?  Take heart, "this is an annual event."  Then summer heat and other stresses will combine to cause even more downtime losses.  But, all this could easily have been avoided! Simply go FISHing (functional interface stress hardening).

lightning storm transient protection

Nothing effects your profitability as instantly and as dramatically as unscheduled equipment downtime!   Let our 26 years experience show you how to prevent future scrap, rework, malfunctions and downtime losses.

EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute reported that system downtime is doubling in cost every year due to power line sags, surges and transients? It’s not software: 

Are these voltage transients and power surge malfunctions hitting you?

Our experience indicates that lightning, or no lightning, power surges generated within your own facility are the root cause of much of your downtime.   It is one of six key stresses we focus on when we survey a facility.  All six stresses cause over 92% of all electrical and electronic system malfunction and failure.  We've found transients and surges to be the root cause of many repeatability problems, yield problems, unexplained glitches and malfunctions that cause rework and scrap parts.  In electronic assembly "final test" stands as well as in semiconductor manufacturing plants and in HALT/HAST Test Stands and HASS Quality Test, a good part of their yield problems, "die rejects," CND (Can Not Duplicate) errors and throughput problems can easily be eliminated.

FREE Teleconference Seminar

Request this 45-60 minute PowerPoint slideshow presentation and see how you can have...

Power Quality to meet new national standards and provide increased profitability, uptime and profits"

You need not continue suffering these interruptions, malfunctions and losses! You can draw on our 26 years experience solving such problems to quickly and easily eliminate transients and power surge related problems.  70% of these are created within your own facility (according to the IEEE-587 report)! 

You will find that just a few thousand invested into Amemco's analysis of your equipment, power distribution and lightning protection can easily yield ten, a hundred, or thousand times return on your investment, in increased reliability, equipment availability, increased yield and increased profits. 

How To Start

Family of TVSS Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

Run an estimate of your savings. Simply multiply your equipment hourly cost of downtime by the number of hours per year you have in unscheduled downtime. Then add your losses in scrap parts and other error costs. What does it come to? 

Let Amemco be your FISHing Guide to implement an effective solution in 30-60 days. This is a good solid place to start. Don't spend another 2-5 years playing with "home-grown solutions" with marginal success. Get Amemco in there, install the right solutions, learn how to FISH, then "send Amemco packing" and let the profits flow. That's what our clients do.  And that's the way it aught to be. What would this program have saved you this past year, if you had  implemented it a year ago? 

Request a FREE copy of our 7 page report:  

"We selected Amemco because most of the lightning rod companies and surge suppressor companies we called, concerning our lightning problems, referred us "to Howard Cooper of Amemco for effective system protection design for our varied industrial controls and electronic systems.  Now, two years later, I made a survey (after another direct lightning strike) of all the equipment that previously has been affected by lightning and all equipment is still operational and showing no signs of damage. I even went up to the fingerboard on the derrick and checked solenoids, and you know how much I enjoy climbing the derrick.  All of the fingerboards & solenoids are in good working order.  We previously had suppressors on our power panels but  replacing them with filtering suppressor, the addition of TVSS modules on controls, the new derrick grounding and the new systems ground bonding laid out by Amemco has paid off!. We have had many storms and several direct hits the past couple of years with no problems.  If past performance means anything we would now be “down” and wrestling with repairs, considering the points of impact of this last “direct hit” lightning bolt."
   --Roger Sanford (Electrical Tech)
     Helmerich & Payne IDC, on the
     Exxon-Mobil Jade Platform,
     Equatorial Guinea, West Africa 

"How To Eliminate 92% of Your Equipment Unscheduled Downtime - within 30 Days!"


Phone Howard Cooper.  He will speak with you directly (no charge) to further analyze your situation and help you determine the best and quickest route to proper protection, before lightning storms  and power surges take further toll on your profits.  Call: (801) 859-2073.


Three Steps to Solution

  1. We visit your facility to conduct a detailed survey analysis of your critical machines, computer systems, automation and process controls, servo and equipment, process controllers, telecom systems, etc. We focus on protecting your equipment from lightning, power surges, grounding problems and the other six key stresses that cause over 92% of all malfunctions, failures, rework, scrap and downtime. We thus identify the stresses and the needed protective devices and/or methods to stop problems from occurring.
  2. While in your facility, we usually conduct a seminar to orient your technical and management personnel to our methods and how we can work together to implement these most cost effective improvements in the immediate future. In that orientation your people help us set priorities for the equipment analysis and we transfer our methods & experience to them.
  3. During the week, or two, after this equipment survey, we prepare a detailed equipment protection report, specifying machine by machine, and system by system, exactly what to do, model numbers of needed protective devices, how to install them and exact location & connection points for each. Implementing this report normally results 70-92% reduction of unscheduled downtime, a significant permanent improvement in reliability, equipment availability and profits. The report also sites national codes & standards these devices and methods comply with. It gives straightforward methods that can be applied on all your equipment to further improve uptime and equipment performance. The report concludes with a complete cost summary for protective devices needed to implement the report recommendations.  

We also provide discount prices on most protective devices you need, and just one place to get them all (5 best manufacturers) with the best in technical support.   We help you achieve maximum reliability and protection from the stresses now causing most of your downtime and equipment failures. Retain Amemco for 30-60 days.  It doesn't cost, it pays!

We look forward to being a valued asset to your efforts stress hardening equipment and preventing further malfunctions, rework, scrap, damage and unscheduled downtime. Don't let power surges and lightning storms "have the last word."   

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