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Automated Factory Uptime

Amemco's 26 Year History - Reliability Growth

Howard Cooper, Founder and lean maintenance reliability engineer, spent over 10 years fighting downtime, as chief maintenance engineer, employed by Signetics, Baker/EIMCO, and John Deere Company, working directly on their manufacturing floor, solving problems just like yours.  

Experience Brings Improved Uptime

Respond by e-mail and request our FREE seven-page report, titled:

What is your operation's level of dependence on computers, hydraulics, automation, electronics, etc..  Usually tens to hundreds of thousands - sometimes millions can be added to your profits this year (and every year henceforth) simply by taking a 30 day FISHing trip with AMEMCO!  Calculate your "hourly cost of downtime."  Then tabulate your downtime losses and call us.

"...really oriented us to a most practical, cost effective maintenance engineering program. We have reduced electrical tickets or work orders by 70% on all applicable CNC, automated machines and systems".
    - Clair Bentezl (NC Technician)
Caterpillar, Inc.
Our 26 years experience will help you maximize equipment uptime, repeatability, reliability, yield, and maximize profits, in 30 - 60 days. See how a few thousand invested into lean maintenance reliability can be turned to literally millions in increased profits. Call to discuss the potential for your facility. Our phone consultation and evaluation of your facilities potential is free: (801) 859-2073.

We provide an in-house orientation seminar, in-house equipment reliability analysis (FISHing trip) and review your maintenance programs, with written findings and implementation report.  Mr. Cooper will  guide and support you throughout your 30-60 day journey to maximize equipment reliability, repeatability, uptime, availability, yield, and increased profits.

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