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Automated Systems Uptime

How to cut Your Hydraulic oil and PM labor costs by 80%

If computers are the "brain" then hydraulic systems are the heart, circulatory system and muscle for most robotics, CNC machines, plastic injection molding machines, and many other industrial machines and systems. Just as electrical storms can "fry your brains," hydraulic contamination; water, dirt, acids, and varnishes (cholesterol) in your circulatory system, cause over 80% of all hydraulic system downtime, malfunctions and early death to your machines.

The Problem:

Automated Hydraulic Systems UptimeHydraulic contamination is much more critical than contamination in your car oil. However, both the oil filter in your car and your hydraulic systems are thin  "paper vane filters" they stop dirt larger than a certain micron size, but they do not stop water and they do not stop acids and varnishes from building up and damaging your mission critical machines. So, every year you  have to change the oil and the filter and you move on with life.  Right?
  1. First Problem: These cycles of clean oil to dirty oil, clean oil to dirty oil, allow periods of stress and wear - malfunctions and failures.
  2. Second Problem: The fivefold costs of replacing hydraulic oil;
  3. "By following your program we have cut equipment malfunctions and downtime to near zero. Thanks, we will expand application of these most cost effective concepts."
        - Dick Kohli (Maintenance Manager)
          Minster Machine Tool
    1. Cost of the oil,
    2. Cost of old oil disposal,
    3. Cost of technical labor to change oil & filter,
    4. Likely cost of failures when dirt is introduced into the system as filters are changed, and
    5. Lost production from oil change downtime.

Because of these costs, along with the logistics of every day operations, Dept. politics and PM risks, oil changes get ignored or past over, time-after-time.  Even if changes are done on schedule, the system suffers from problem #1  (above).

A Solution:

Hydraulic Oil Purification Amemco will analyze, specify and provide a cost effective solution, based on your hydraulic system size, oil type, pressure, flow rate, and duty cycle. The Amemco solution will allow you to: 
  1. Save the cost of new hydraulic oil and oil filters at 9 out of 10 oil changes,
  2. Save labor costs for changing oil & filters,
  3. Eliminate oil disposal costs for 9 out of 10 oil changes,
  4. Avoid 80% of future malfunctions, failures and downtime,
  5. Prolong machine life,
  6. Eliminate machine downtime and lost production for changing of oil & filters,
  7. Keep contamination from being introduced into the system (which now occurs during system inline filter changes),
  8. Eliminate machine wear, damaged gaskets, hosing, solenoids, servo valves etc.,
  9. Eliminate downtime and scrap parts due to #4,
  10. Eliminate future maintenance repair time due to #4,
  11. Avoid lost productivity due to #4, #5, and #7,
  12. Avoid costs of early machine replacement due to #4 - #7.

You can easily calculate the above savings and increased productivity.  Return on investment (ROI) is usually 6 - 12 months.  Call Amemco at 801-859-2073 or e-mail us to discuss your application and needs.

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