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About - Howard C. Cooper (Lean Maintenance &  Reliability Engineer)

Howard Cooper - Chief Consulting Engineer

   Howard Cooper is founder of AMEMCO (AutoMation Equipment Maintenance/Reliability Consulting). He helps Fortune 500 companies eliminate 70 - 92% of their unscheduled equipment downtime, usually within 30-60 days.  He coined and trademarked FISHing™ (Field Implemented Stress Hardening), the most cost effective method to maximize uptime and reliability of 'install base' existing equipment, FISH was developed with Six Sigma DMAIC focused on protecting equipment from the stresses that cause most malfunctions and failures.  

In 2005, while helping GE Reliability Engineers, he introduced FISH™ (Functional Interface Stress Hardening) to fill a critical gap in DFSS DFR and ISO-9001 Design for Reliability methodologies: FTA, FMEA, PoF, HALT/HASS, ALT, FEA, and Prognostics. He demonstrated how "Robust" design could frequently be achieved in less time, with less money and at lower weight by applying the FISH vs. Robust paradigm.  Mr. Cooper coaches manufacturers, design teams, hospitals, telecom and data centers, office complexes, oil companies (where  there are large bodies of electronics, computers, or hydraulics) to achieve increased uptime, resulting in “Lean" capable equipment and increased profits.  His seminar: “How To Eliminate Your Unscheduled Equipment Downtime in 30-60 Days” is often rated as “most valued seminar of my career” by operations, engineering, and manufacturing managers.

Mr. Cooper holds a BS Degree in Industrial Technology with dual minors in mathematics and electronics from SUU.  He worked towards a Masters degree in Industrial & Technical Training at BYU.  Mr. Cooper served as Mfg. Spvr. for Signetics Semiconductor, as Chief Maintenance Engineer for John Deere Co. and then for Hughes/Baker EIMCO.  He is currently on a multi-year contract with General Dynamics FCS doing reliability engineering and has spent the last 25 years coaching through his AMEMCO maintenance and reliability consulting firm. 

He has been speaker and presented papers on maximizing uptime and maintenance reliability at annual conventions for; IMTBA International Machine Tool Builders Association, ASHE American Society of Hospital Engineers, ULPA United Lightning Protection Association, LPI Lightning Protection Institute, SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and served 4 years honorary director of Electronics Magazine. 

Mr. Cooper is author of various articles and papers published in:

He is listed as Inventor on the TVSS transient voltage surge suppression patent now most frequently private labeled by major companies.  Mr. Cooper has submitted seven patent applications between 1980 and 2001, including inventions for; an emergency alert protection system, motor energy control modules, an Internet usage accountability and monitoring systems, a "virtual client" web tool and various lightning protection devices. 

A few of the companies that have benefited from Mr. Coopers consulting include:

Contact Howard Cooper directly, to consider the potential of Amemco's methods to maximize your uptime & profits.

e-mail: Howard Cooper

 or call: 801-859-2073

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