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How to eliminate 70-92% of your unscheduled equipment downtime, in 30-60 Days!

Profit by giving your company the near 100% equipment uptime and reliability it demands while cutting your maintenance expense by 50% or more. . .

Howard Cooper - Chief Consulting Engineer

Do you have expensive automation equipment; mechanical, hydraulic, computer controlled, CNC, PLC, medical, lab, or other electronic automation controls, telecom, or IT equipment? 

How much would your profits have increased last year, with 70% - 92% reduced unscheduled equipment downtime?  That's our typical client results

How does Amemco so quickly increase equipment life, reliability and uptime?  We call it FISHing™ (Functional Interface Stress Hardening), or for Six Sigma folks, FISH DMAIC.  Go FISHing with Amemco and see full return on your investment (ROI) in six (6) months. You will see higher equipment availability and productivity year after year, after year, here after, along with 30% - 50% cut in your normal maintenance overhead expense and a similar reduced scrap rate (increased yield). 

Our easy three step process

First, we help evaluate your potential for improvements and increased profits (no charge, just call). 

Second, We go FISHing: We come to your facility, teach you "How to FISH" (a 3 hour instruction and evaluation session), then take you FISHing throughout your facility and inside your machines.  This is an on-site evaluation of your equipment (machine-by-machine), your electronic computer controls, CNC, PLCs, telecom, as well as your hydraulics, controls and other automated systems.  We also evaluate your maintenance practices. Over the following couple of weeks we assemble your FISHing™ Report, telling you station by station, machine by machine exactly what to do to stress harden, thus maximizing uptime while minimizing corrective maintenance downtime.  We utilize the most cost effective methods we have developed and proven over the past 27 years. We then send you the full written report.

Third, You go FISH: You implement the FISH Report's reliability and stress hardening solutions.  Along the way, you learn to be pretty good FISHermen, yourselves.  

I used Amemco at two previous companies with great success so naturally called them to help improve maintenance reliability here at Colt Industries. Circuit board failures for 30 NC and CNC systems has dropped from three or four per month to three or four per year, a 92% reduction.
    --Howard Olson
   (Mgr Mfg Engng)
   Colt Industries

Normal Results Seen:

How much time, frustration and expense would your company have saved last year with these improvements in place?  Quickly put a pencil to it.  Then decide, "Should we spend the next 30-60 days the same as before or should we get a FISHing expert involved?  Dramatic improvements like these would normally take you years to achieve?  Our first time through the process took 5 years. The second time took 2 years.  We then learned how to do it in 3 - 6 months per company.  Now, after 27 years experience, we can get you there in 30-60 days!  Sign up for a "FISHing trip" today. "It doesn't cost, it pays."  

Get One Seminar FREE

Which of the following 90 minute PowerPoint seminars by teleconference will help you most?

Six Sigma Cost Effective Reliability via "FISH DMAIC


FISH for DFSS Reliability


How to Eliminate 70-92% of Your Unscheduled Equipment Downtime within 30-60 Days

Which maintenance methodologies do you use:
Do your maintenance specialists know these popular maintenance program acronyms?  Do they know which programs will produce the greatest profitability and productivity for your facility?  Do they know which ones are sink-holes that will increase expense and drain your profits?

Which of these maintenance methods do your people currently use most?  Why?  What is that costing you?  While in your facility, we will show, for your facility, based on your equipment, maintenance skills, and company environment, what is the best mix of these popular programs and methods (and how to achieve that mix).

Get started toward longer equipment life and higher profits with our on-site survey of your equipment, an in-house orientation seminar, our equipment reliability analysis (FISH analysis) plus a professionally prepared, written report.

Call  866-833-1562.  Call if you just have a question or you think your situation may be different. Ask about our Free Evaluation and/or our Free online 90 minute T-Con / Web Seminars.   

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